Tarring Jewlery designs and manufactures high-quality stainless steel cufflinks and tie clips

Stainless steel Cufflinks

If you are looking for an extremely resilient, yet fashionable pair of cufflinks Manufacturer or supplier
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We can provide professional design and quality products at the same level as luxury brands. We design and manufacture cufflinks for many famous brands
We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the very best and latest styles in Designer, Sports, Engraved, and Novelty Cuff Links from Tarrring Jewelry

We also carry a large selection of the very best in other accessories including tie clips, cufflink cases, stud sets. With our industry leading experience in the production of custom cufflinks and other men’s accessories, we can produce custom engraved, color custom logo and complete custom cuff links and accessories

No matter what your individual fashion sense is, stainless steel cuff links are a great addition to any mans collection. Renowned for its strength, stainless steel jewelry is not poured into molds like jewelry manufactured with softer alloys like, platinum, gold or silver. Instead, every stainless steel cufflink is hand-cut from a solid piece of steel leaving no seams, or weak spots.


Stainless steel is by far one of the strongest and most durable metals used for making tie bars. You can count on it to last a lifetime and beyond without ever displaying scratches or defects. This material also comes in a variety of finishes, like gold-toned, rose gold-toned, and black to go with all of your looks.

Custom personalized tie bars and unique engraved tie clips accessorize your personal style!

Tarring Jewelry has the perfect set of custom tie bars and tie clips to complete your look. Fashionable and personalized tie clips easily add polish to your every day wear.
A classic gold tiebar and polished silver tieclip provide wardrobe essentials that every well-dressed man needs.

Tarring Jewelry can provide you with the very best and latest styles in Designer, Sports, Engraved, and Novelty stainless steel tie clips, support custom engraving, blank, inlay and enamel process, can provide you with a variety of tie clips