Health Benefits of Magnetic Bracelets

Magnetic therapy is a popular alternative treatment which goes back thousands of years, dating all the way back to the Egyptian pharaohs
Magnetic Therapy Bracelets are very effective for managing pain caused by a number of conditions. If worn correctly and consistently they can be a game changer for persons that experience pain on a daily basis.

There are occasions when I hear from a customer stating their Magnetic Bracelet hasn’t made one bit of difference. If that is you, or if you are just interested in how Magnetic Bracelets work, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s start off by discussing how Magnetic Bracelets work. This is important to know and understand to ensure you receive all the benefits from your Magnetic Jewelry.

It’s important to know that a Magnetic Bracelet will only help relieve pain in your wrists, hands, fingers, and arms. If you wear it as an ankle bracelet, it can help ease pain in your feet, wrists, and legs. Pain in any other location of your body will not be relieved by wearing a magnetic bracelet.

Healthy element Magnet effect for human body:

There are usually magnetic materials in human body, which formed magnetic field. In medical field, people use Cardiac magnetic map to diagnose ventricle obesity, cardiac muscle lacking blood, Premature combating and so on. The chief function of magnetic field for human body is usually by way of biological effects, when the magnetic field acts on human body, it will cause a series of reactions:

  1. Effects to Neural system.
  2. Effects to heart function.
  3. Effects to blood component.
  4. Effects to blood vessel system.
  5. The effects of magnetic field to blood fat.
  6. The effects of magnetic field to hemorheology.
  7. The effects of magnetic field to immunity function.
  8. The effects of magnetic field to incretion function.
  9. The effects of magnetic field to enzyme activity.

Magnetic therapy belongs to physical treatment area, it refers to dosage of magnetic field in designing, different intensity magnet has different fluences, it should that the designing of magnetic field not only be good for human body, but also without bring strong influences, it’s not fact that the strong the magnetic field is, the better for human. Besides, through the research about magnetic field to human central nervous system we know a rule: lower magnetic field will increase human excitability, while stronger magnetic field will reduce it, this is restraining reaction. These are principles that we should follow in the designing of magnetic products.

Healthy element Assist of far infrared for human body:

Due to the libration of organic molecules is consistent to far infrared; both have same vibration frequencies, have resonance absorption, and then increase the amplitude and produce heat. This is theory of far infrared from resonance absorption to heating. Atom and numerator vibrate and increase resonance absorption and become thermal reaction, microvasculature expansion instantly, blood dissolution rate accelerating, such as gore metabolism barrier gradually dispelling, and then to accelerate blood circulation and Cell metabolism.
Assist of far infrared for human health:

  1. Accelerate blood circulation.
  2. Adjust blood pressure.
  3. Improve arthralgia.
  4. Adjust autonomic nerve.
  5. Reduce fattiness.
  6. Strengthen liver function.
  7. Promote metabolism.
  8. Balance body’s PH degree.

Healthy element effect of Germanium:

Germanium metal can make influences through few quantity of energy. There are 32 electrons around germanium atomium, among which 4 electrons do irregular movement. Once temperature rises, the outer electron will divorce from orbit because of stimulation. The divorced electron can help to adjust the ion balance of life, and restore the neural circuits back to normal, also has function of preventing and improving discomfort of human and has spa massage function.
After entering into human body, germanium equally distribute in each organ system, ninety of which will be excreted from body after three hours, and totally be excreted from body. Germanium is such a microelement that wouldn’t accumulate in human body.
The function of germanium:

  1. Germanium has function to adjust abnormal electricity position of human body, when electricity position of cancer cell rises, germanium will capture the electron of cancer cell, makes electricity position drop and restrain disease deteriorating.
  2. The semiconductor of germanium metal could increase body temperature, accelerate blood circulation and reduce fatigue.
  3. Medicinal healthy function of germanium: strengthen natural treatment ability, improve the general health, prevent aging, defend cancer, eliminate tumour, liver disease, asthma, adjust blood pressure , exclude toxin from body, autonomic nervous disorders and such chronic diseases.

The treatment of germanium on different illness:

    • Prevention of tumour.
    • The treatment of senile dementia.
    • The prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis.
    • Prevent rheumatoid arthritis.
    • Reduce the hypertension.
    • The treatment of osteoporosis.
    • The treatment of diabetes.



How Can Negative Ion Technology Assist Me To Improve My Health and Sporting Performance?

In nature, negative ions are required to sustain life. It seems that when
humans lack access to negative ions, their body chemistry changes.
Scientists believe that these changes can lead to health problems
associated with depression, allergy, pain, physical fatigue and anxiety. This
is why we always feel good after a day at the beach or a trek through the

Negative ions, containing an extra electron, are created naturally by the
sun, wind, and moving water. Clinical trials have shown a connection
between negative ions and mood, suggesting that oxygenation of the blood
is enhanced in highly ionized environments. Negative ion therapy may
alleviate symptoms associated with depressive episodes.

Far infrared technology draws, in part, upon the scientific research
conducted by NASA’s Office of Biological and Physical Research. Their
studies into bio-technology have been crucial to the creation of enhanced
natural therapies which offer effective treatment without undue side-effects
or medication. It is these scientific investigations that have developed our
understanding of physiological processes, giving us valuable insights into
human health issues.
Negative Ion Technology to help:
~ Maintain overall good health
~ Naturally enhance sporting performance
~ Relieve pain and muscle soreness.
~ Regulate your body’s immune system.
~ Rejuvenate the body’s cells.
~ Stimulate cell metabolism to improve localized circulation.
~ Improve mental focus and attention by alleviating pain.
~ Reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and depression resulting from pain
and discomfort..