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Tangerine Tango—Pantone’s color of the Year 2012! Emerald—Pantone’s color of the Year 2013! Radiant Orchid—Pantone’s color of the Year 2014! Marsala—Pantone’s color of the Year 2015! “Rose Quartz ” & “Serenity”—Pantone’s color of the Year 2016! “Rose Quartz ( a rosy pink)”, is the pink with a white, is the season of the latest popular a […]

Dear, we are going to attend in the Hong Kong hosted “Asia’s Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair-September-2015”— Recognised as the leading event in the fashion jewellery and accessories industry for the second half of the year in Asia, Asia’s Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair – September (9FJ) is an ideal platform for volume business to […]

Enamel jewelry, mainly painted enamel, with gold, silver, titanium, copper, stainless steel and other metal Made of original shape, the micro-painted enamel paint on metal dimple pattern of the tire, and then to the high-temperature furnace through 800-degree heat in the fire repeatedly sintering. Enamel paint is quartz, feldspar, oxidized metals and other minerals formulated […]

Enamel is one of the most versatile sources of pure, luscious color. Powdered glass can be applied with great precision onto a variety of jewelry metals, including silver, gold, stainless steel and copper. Enamel jewelry and artwork originated in ancient Egypt; and the Romans and ancient Greeks also used enameling techniques. The durable quality of […]