Something about the French Cuff Shirts

What is a French Shirts?


A French cuff shirt is a dress shirt with French cuffs also called double cuffs.
French cuffs are folded back and are fastened with cufflinks or silk knots.
In the past most dress shirts were with French cuffs.
Today, French cuff shirts are considered as fashion shirts, and are often worn with eveningwear.
French cuff shirts are considered to be more formal than button cuffs.
Nevertheless, French cuff shirts are not really suitable for some professionnal events as job interview. A button cuff shirt is better, more unobtrusive, for these kind of events.

How should I Wear My French Cuff Shirts?


Solid color dress shirts can match easily with most neckties.
On the contrary, patterned shirts, such as plaid, striped and checkered, can be difficult to match with your neckties.
For a classic look, prefer a solid white or a pale blue dress shirt.
Here is some tips to match perfectly your dress shirts with your other clothes:
– you can wear a striped shirt with a striped tie as long as the stripes aren’t identical in size. You can have a pattern on pattern when one pattern is much bolder than the other.
– Make sure at least one color in your tie matches either your suit, shirt, or your belt and shoes.
– Avoid wearing a striped shirt with a striped tie and a pinstriped suit. Matching three similar patterns together is rarely a winning combination. in general, avoid pairing three similar patterns.


How to Wear Cuff Links?


  1. When you have collected a variety of French-cuff shirts and procured several pairs of cufflinks that showcase your interests and personality. How do you know which cufflinks will go best with which shirts? Start by matching colors. Silver, blue, grey and black cufflinks go well with almost any color, but yellow gold cufflinks go best with blue, green, yellow and black shirts and suits. Red cufflinks look fashionable with beige suits and shirts. Pink cufflinks look great with black, red, grey and green shirts. When in doubt, take a moment to hold your cufflinks up to the shirts in your closet to see which color combinations look good to you.

  1. Some cuff links are ideal for daily wear, but many occasions require dressy men’s jewelry. Diamond cuff links are perfect for weddings and black-tie affairs. Solid gold cuff links are valuable, making them a great gift choice. Choose gemstone cuff links in many colors to make sure you always have something interesting to wear to formal events.

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