Five methods allow you to quickly identify the Cufflinks Quality

Cufflink Originated in ancient Greece. From Gothic to Renaissance Baroque period, widely popular in Europe, For men, stress grade, except perhaps outside of the ring, cufflinks is the smallest decorated. Because of its material selection of precious metals, and some even diamonds, precious stones, etc., so it was put on from the birth of the aristocratic aura, cufflinks and thus become a prime measure of a man taste a single product, and selection, with use all are men of a science.

With the development of the times, people are no longer limited to the use of precious metals manufacturing cufflinks, in order to adapt popular culture, people began to use the available metal production cufflinks, the most representative is zinc alloy, copper and stainless steel, they make cufflinks style began to diversify, open a colorful world of cufflinks.

Cufflinks as an important accessory for men, of course, can not be careless choice of their own favorite style, popular design, well-known brands are you to consider, however, a good cuff links, should also have good quality, you have thought about it?

However, so much metal, so much design, how to choose one for their own high quality cufflinks, let us tell you five ways, one minute to let you become a master pick cufflinks



Set aside precious metals, stainless steel is the best choice, material stability, no rust, no heavy metal content, no radiation, in the pursuit of health, environmental protection modern society, stainless steel can meet all the requirements

Material of cufflinks


Shiny polished, no scratches, no dark corners, which is the most basic requirements of a good quality cufflinks

Conventional electroless plating is electroplating, metal molecules through chemical decomposition, reassembled,
This plating time is fast, cheap, but the disadvantage is obvious, it is easy to fade, usually three to six months time, there will be significant fade, seriously affect the cufflinks use, even more frightening is that it will have chemical residues, on the human body have different degrees of harm

Now there is a new environmental protection plating, called “PVD vacuum ion plating” It will be a metal ion in a vacuum furnace decomposition, then combined, no chemicals, no chemical residues, and no environmental pollution, more gratifying , due to ion recombination, it can be more firmly attached to the cuff links, color lasting 1–2 years will not fade, let your cufflinks for a long time to maintain the best state!

How to tell cufflinks chemical plating or vacuum ion plating, the average consumer is difficult to do,
You only means of business presentation, or product manual to understand,
But if your cufflinks after the purchase, less than six months appeared to fade, then we can tell you that it must be a chemical plating

4:Excellent welding,
Cufflinks Connecting rod and the plane will use welding, welding is good or bad a direct impact on the quality of cufflinks.

Fiber laser welding, welding surface smooth, small contact surface welding, beautiful, strong, able to withstand the test of strength of 20KG,is We measure the welding quality requirements!


5:Cufflinks foot structure and functionality,
Good quality cufflinks must have a high quality of foot, and the most critical is that the elastic feet, using high-performance elastic steel piece, by 100,000 anti aging test, when use, the touch was smooth smoother, has a crisp metallic sound of the collision can be accurately resets!

Cufflinks foot Quality Identification

We believe that, as long as in the selection of cufflinks, noted that the above five aspects, you can buy high quality cufflinks, so that you become a high-quality fashion Daren!

Tarring Jewelry has been committed to the design and production of high-quality stainless steel cufflinks, I


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