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Tarring Jewelry supply premium-quality stainless steel chain.
We have a modern and efficient automatic production line to provide 1.5mm-18mm wide stainless steel chain, through electrolysis, polishing, plating, stainless steel chain manufacturing different styles of jewelry, stainless steel chain due the material corrosion-resistant , unique metallic luster let many people are very fond of it.
Our stainless steel bracelet all use 316L stainless steel, super good corrosion resistance, non-magnetic, the human body-friendly, no radiation, safe, reliable, durable and environmentally friendly! Close contact with the skin as jewelry, stainless steel is the most cost-effective safety material!

You can pick our styles, we also can customize your stainless steel chain design. We usually offer Necklace Size = 22 “, if you need a different size, we also can do for you to customize!

Wholesale stainless steel chains source: Tarring Jewelry

Stainless steel chains

Fashion cloth accessory– CN146B

Stainless steel chains

Stainless steel Flat chain– CN168B

Stainless steel chains

3.0mm NK Chains– CN166B