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Enamel bracelet – an ancient art, today is a fashion pet has swept the world, in the world of enamel bracelets, Hermes enamel bracelet is undoubtedly a banner, it makes a lot of stylish women hooked on these colorful enamel bracelets, so this ancient art popular among today’s fashion girl’s wrist!

Tarring enamel bracelet in accordance tradition enamel production process, the use of stainless steel as the enamel carrier, stainless steel cool metal texture with bright enamel colors, so that each enamel bracelets have become a work of art,

Custom enamel bracelets become our main business, mature production technology for the production of high-quality enamel bracelets provide a guarantee, either Hermes enamel bracelet color or Cartier enamel bracelet noble, we can make these genes integrated into your custom enamel bracelets