Every man is a brand, establish their own image must first decorate themselves,and cufflinks happened to help a man this busy.

cufflinks knowledge

For stress -grade men, in addition to outside the ring, cufflinks is the smallest decorated. Because of its material selection of precious metals, and some also set with diamonds, precious stones, etc., so it was put on from the birth of the aristocratic aura. cufflinks thus become a single product which taste a prime measure of a man, and the selection, with the use of all are men of a science.

■ cufflinks decorated yuppie men

Cufflinks material generally choose precious gold, silver, crystal, diamonds, gemstones, and therefore expensive, because the exquisite workmanship and precious materials, cufflinks jewelry in general to be used simultaneously, but also be careful to Favorites. No nobility in this era, so this elegant cuff links complete the yuppie men worship it.

■ To match this

Cufflinks, though small, can be ever-changing style but, in addition to the traditional round and square, as well as water droplets, thread, Chinese knots and other shapes, patterns also have totems, flags, tai chi, steering wheel, fruit, cartoon, zodiac, constellations and other kinds, has an elegant style with playful, uninhibited, and so there is so much knowledge with cufflinks:

Cufflinks to match the color of the dress shirt and based on;

the selection and belt buckles, tie clip with colored cufflinks;

According to attend the banquet style selection cufflinks.

Generally, gold cufflinks with white shirt, black dress look noble, silver with pink, blue or black shirt look elegant professional, and black cufflinks are wild single product, it will make the dress more fashionable.

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