Cufflinks and Tips for Cufflinks

In 2015, watching the fashion shows in London and Europe this season, it was great to see Men’s Accessories have taken huge steps forward again becoming more accessible, exciting and wearable…

What has changed is how so many guys are not only adding accessories to their formal wear but also to their casual wear. A casual jacket and a pair of jeans looks great; but add a funky pair of cufflinks and socks and suddenly you not only look great but cool, stylish and on-trend as well.

Accessories really do make a difference not only to your look but in the way that they make you feel and it’s amazing how much more confident you feel and the positive impression you will give by adding a excellent accessory to any outfit…

And remember don’t save your accessories for best wear them everyday! Especially a pair of cufflinks!

As men’s accessories, cuff links are both fashionable and function, These pieces of men’s jewelry take the place of buttons on French-cuff shirt to fasten the cuffs and ass decoration.  Cufflinks are a great way to add a some personal style to suit or dress shirt. With so many new styles now, they can also be a way to support your favorite teams, celebrate a wedding, or simply complete a look.

Tarring Jewelry specilize in manufacturing and designing various kinds of cufflinks since 2001, we have various kinds of cufflinks which suit for different occasions, main material is 316L stainless steel, also have brass, alloy and ect. And our Cufflinks suit for both formal wear and casual wear. See more designs at

If you are new to the world of men’s fashion and men’s jewelry, you might not know how to purchase and wear cuff links. Cuff links should add to your ensemble, but not detract from the other aspects of your look. Here is some tips for the cufflinks:

  • Avoid local high-end boutiques when purchasing cufflinks, as they are very expensive.
  • Be sure to wear cufflinks that match your outfit and the occasion.
  • Be careful not to waer cufflinls that are either too flashy or too casual for formal occasions.
  • Cufflinks really are the perfect groomsmen gifts as they allow to get something that really matches the personalities of each groomsman.
  • Put the cufflinks in before you put the shirt on, then you can use both hands.
  • Make sure to shop around online when purchasing cufflinks as your local store will probably not have a decent selection.

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