Cufflinks- Significance , Types of Cufflinks

A. Cufflinks are meant to be the popular accessories of men even today.

B. Men wearing cufflinks in any formal events or any other occasions are considered to be noteworthy where they look elegant and stylish.

C. The cufflinks you need to be well maintained, in order to achieve the classy formal look. Else they may ruin your clothing and appearance, which makes you look odd.

It have about bellow 8 types of cufflinks

  1. Bullet back & toggle closure cufflinks
  2. Whale/ flip back closure cufflinks
  3. Stud/ button cufflinks
  4. Chain link cufflinks
  5. Ball return cufflinks
  6. Locking cufflinks
  7. Silk knot cufflinks
  8. Fabric cufflinks

The most popular cufflinks is whale/ flip back closure cufflinks & bullet back cufflinks.

Tarring Jewelry specilize in manufacturing and designing various kind of whale/ flip back closure cufflinks, the closure is developed by our designer and production department which very strong and flexible.

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***Below is the introduction of the 8 types of cufflinks.


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