Colour Blocking Trend of 2015

Colour blocking jewelry/ cloth will become a fashion trend in 2015!!!

The Mondrian colour blocking trend continues to be hot at high street fashion. Getting a colour blocking jewellery piece with various coloured gemstones definitely will add a touch-up to the monotone outfit.

Color blocking graphic blocks of bold colors paired together is a fashion trend that can’t be ignored! Try color blocking with your jewelry by wearing one piece of jewelry that has multiple blocks of color or by pairing multiple pieces that have bold color combinations.

More and more people love the colorful jewelry and cloth, especially the young people, wear the unique colorful jewelry/ cloth show their extraordinary taste and unique personality.

Also the colorful jewelry is a well match single piece, the color jewelry just match a normal black/ white T-shirt, you will looks so fashionable and charming enough.

And when you do not know how to match your cloth/ dress, a colorful pieces jewelry will help you, makes you have your own unique taste and flavor.

Tarring Jewelry have many designs of the colour blocking jewelry, colour blocking enamel bangle, bracelet, necklace, cufflinks and …

Especially the stainless steel colored enamel bangle and the colour blocking cufflinks, they will make your cloth and life colorful and quality.

Below is some of my (Ketty Liu, opinion of the color blocking jewelry.

il_fullxfull-550x402 colorblock_bangles CBG1068_副本


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