Chic cufflinks — the only one of men exclusive jewelry

Chic cufflinks — the only one of men exclusive jewelry

Chinese men often cry foul for themselves, the chic jewelry are almost the all exclusive for women. The only one thing which belong to the men—cufflinks, described as “men’s jewellery”, has not yet been booming. On some occassions, occasionally sporadic see one or two men wear a shirt of cufflinks,regarded as the fashion runway, though the man looks may not young.

Cufflink is one of the popular men dress up art in 14~17 cuntury in Europe, at 1950s, untill the enamelled pin-ups and novelty taps cufflinks, compass cufflinks and road sign cufflinks birth, the British people think that the chain and T shape iron connection items have no room for improvement. But in China, the cufflinks still in the phase of fashion englightenment.

Cufflinks is a kind of let people feel gentleman, old style adorn aertic, But now, as the deserve to act the role of the increasingly prominent, cufflinks are also evolved in the direction of the young, lively and fashion. Every big brand will quarterly launch some new modelling, to cater to more men’s aesthetic teaste.  Jewelry brand actively want to teach, also is the habit of men wearing cufflinks. Maybe you think Jay Chou is not the sort of men who wearing cufflinks, but have you ever seen, Sony launched one of the best-selling home and abroad of the PlayStation 3 handle cufflinks, completely according to the PlayStation handle apprarance make, bright silver sheen,isn’t a necessary for this kinds of game boy?

Radiance and size of cufflinks is quite similar to a women’s diamond ring, it is so unique, in the men’s wrist ‘corner”, create a visual window, a menoriginally and of the same suit and shirt dress is recognized. The cufflinks also flattering, a small ornament, can let a man emit grade of the biggest charm between every movement.

From the material, cufflinks similar to women necklace, both have gold, platinum, diamond, crystals, precious stones and other precious cufflinks, also have silver,stainless steel, brass resin, shell and other decorative cufflinks, and even glass, agate, fabrics, ceramics, colloid and other alternative cufflinks. As for the pattern is more abundant, in addition to the common brand logo, a varity of animal model, the leisure activities such as fishing, hunting, riding and so on is respected.Cartier had launched a computer keyboard platinum cufflinks, Dunhill has also launched a dumbbell shape cufflinks, four black pearls suspended on a diamond bar, such a powerful and unconstrained style design, make love beautiful jewellery women likes a bit jealous man, so some clothing shop also introduced cufflink shirts for women.

The collocation of cufflinks, of courese, must pay attention to the occasion. The collacation principle of a collection men who has many cufflinks is very practical.”go out at night will never waer a rabbit head, priates and other too hippie cufflinks, but on the subject of hunting party, rabbit head, the bullet is a perfect fit; talk about the business, certainly can not wear skull;drive the antique car, choose a pair of car speed meter; the bottle cork, is a wine tasting wear; those with brand logo cufflinks, is the most suitable for brand fashion show.”

Try to have a pair of cufflinks, the problem is how do you use the cufflinks? A lof of male friends around you after know this little thing is cufflink, then would be asked. Actually, cufflinks should be use on the special cufflinks shirts. If the cuff surface skin contact called A side, on the other side called B side, cufflink shirts is the a-side contact each other on both sides of the sleeve, and then the connection cufflink “buttons”part of the needle from the back of hand cuff wear over there, and then out of the palm on the other side of the cuff wear, and fixed it. With cufflinks, don’t missing a cufflink shirt. Since cufflinks are expensive, means that the selection and collocation of cufflink shirts can not be too bad, it should be elegance and accord with the temperament of a gentleman. For a men who continuous wearing a white shirt, often change different color ties, cufflinks, such as accessories, will bring fresh for dress, and omprove quality.

Three big cufflinks version

Antique cufflinks
These cufflinks has quite a history and background, so valuable, some have a memorable, some related to theme activities, some famous designer’s work. Suitable for wealthy entrepreneurs, to a significant occasions when worn, but also has the collection value.

Big brand cufflinks
All of the luxury brands to launch cufflinks, usually have bright brand logo, with gold, silver, platinum and diamond, precious stones and other precious materials for the quality of a material, and now more and more big brand use stainless steel for cufflinks material. Suitable for all age groups of gentleman and professionals.
The design feels cufflinks
Luxury brands or designer brands to launch work, rich sense of design, various materials, such as stainless steel, ceramic, cloth, wood, etc. Is suitable for the yuppie rich artistic temperament or fashionable young people.

Cufflinks tie-in Tips

1. Crystal glass cufflinks because of its transparency, the best matching white shirt, and red shirts with gold cufflinks, luxuriant, fashionable feeling; Black, white, grey shirts with silver cufflinks or diamond cufflinks, composed, noble impression to the person.
2. Men deserve to act the role of other shall cooperate with cufflinks, belt buckle, tie clip with cufflinks best color. Pay attention to some of the gentleman, can choose suit for old brand products more, let the belt buckle, tie clips, cufflinks, mutual reflect.

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