2016 Popular Pantone color, so beautiful!

Tangerine Tango—Pantone’s color of the Year 2012!

Emerald—Pantone’s color of the Year 2013!

Radiant Orchid—Pantone’s color of the Year 2014!

Marsala—Pantone’s color of the Year 2015!

“Rose Quartz ” & “Serenity”—Pantone’s color of the Year 2016!

1 拷贝

“Rose Quartz ( a rosy pink)”, is the pink with a white, is the season of the latest popular a kind of pink, brings a freshness, is the color who can easily make a women have good will.

“Serenity (a light blue)”, is a cool blue, mystery with a sweet, can add more exotic appeal for the overall design.

This is the first time Pantone has pulished two annual year’s color since 2000, that us to “societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity”.

SERENITY mix of ROSE QUARTZ warm pink tones to produce the result that mildly. “It was two we can rely on the combination of color, they are not weak. Tonal gentle though it may seem, but it contains the strength and character.” Pantone color associatyion, vice chairman of Laurie Pressman said, “the ROSE QUARTZ represens strength and adapt, SERENITY symbol of calm and peace.”

Keep up with the trend of The Times of happiness, can release the pressure, the color satisfy the spiritual sense of comfort and steadfast, match the gentle rose, showing a between rosy warm and cool colors blue, release a health and soothing atmosphere.
Rosy and blues popular combination, challenges the traditional concept of color.
World popular in generally accepted neutral concept, this concept is also affecting the design field,
This kind of color is consistent with the social mainstream, added comfort for consumers, there is no fixed format and concept of time, the digitization of information circulation open the our field of vision, in a different way to define the color.

These 2 color is the key colour in 2016 introduced by Pantone, this issue will see some more dreamy and chic baubles for the upcoming season. Tarring Jewelry believed these two will be sweeping through the fashion industry in 2016!

Tarring Jewelry can customized the bangles and cufflinks in SERENITY  and ROSE QUARTZ color for you. Also can according to the Pantone color enamel the jewelry in other colors for you.

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