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site web Cufflinks actually per-date the button, safety pin, zipper or Velcro. Luckily, advancements have been made since the first cufflinks were made. Cufflinks are a great way to add a personal style to suit or dress shirt. With so many new styles now, they can also be a way to support your favorite teams, celebrate a […]

What is a French Shirts?   A French cuff shirt is a dress shirt with French cuffs also called double cuffs. French cuffs are folded back and are fastened with cufflinks or silk knots. In the past most dress shirts were with French cuffs. Today, French cuff shirts are considered as fashion shirts, and are […]

The bangles/ cuff has become an all-season hit! it goes great with many different materials like base metals– stainless steel/ brass/ alloy, beads, plastics and more. In recent years, stainless steel jewelry become the current hot jewelry. Stainless steel, a lightweight metal, is able to retain its strength and shine allowing it to be both […]

Jewellery is an ancient and traditional industries, which have many different materials– gold, silver, stainless steel, copper, brass, alloy, aluminum and ect. In before years, most of the people like gold jewelry and silver jewelry, They are the symbol of the identity and rich. Even more, some people spent his life savings to buy a gold […]